Automotive Maintenance Tips for Your Car

RWB Imports has over 30 years in the highline automotive industry under our belts. With all of our experience we know a thing or two about keeping your European car in tip top shape. Here are some helpful automotive maintenance tips we want to share with you!

Keep up with automotive maintenance tips at RWB

Change the Oil Regularly

This sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people let their cars go well beyond the recommended distance between oil changes. A regular oil change is the most important car maintenance job when it comes to getting the most out of your automobile. No other service will help an engine last longer than a regular oil and filter change and nothing will destroy your engine more than neglecting regular oil checks and changes.

Change and Flush Coolant Annually

This should be something that is marked on your calendars and taken care of once every year. You should flush and change your coolant with the same kind of consistency as you would with hanging your Christmas stockings every year. You should use a 50/50 blend of coolant and water. We recommend filling a container half way with coolant and topping it off with water, then mark the container as a mixed. It’s a good idea to keep a container in the trunk of your car just in case of an emergency.

Wash it Regularly

Washing your car goes beyond the pure aesthetics of keeping your car looking good. Although, it does go a long way for keeping your paint job in good shape. Underneath your car winter grime can build up, along with anything you run over, including road kill.

Stay in the Shade

Parking your vehicle in the shade and using a window reflector is immensely beneficial for protecting the interior of your car. Too much heat and UV exposure can lead to the plastic and vinyl drying and cracking.

Replace Brake Fluid

Replacing brake fluid is crucial in preserving your vehicle. Brake fluid tends to attract moisture which causes your brake system to break down. Brake fluid is fairly cheap but hoses, sensors, and calipers are definitely not. You should take the time to have your brakes checked and fluid changed regularly so you can avoid having to pay for major issues.

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These automotive maintenance tips will help your vehicle have a long and healthy life. If your vehicle is in need of any type of maintenance we are ready for the job! RWB Imports offers every customer experienced diagnostics, service, and repair of any repair facility in the industry. Be sure to give us a call!