Keep Your Car Running Smoothly These Final Days of Winter


A few months back, we discussed preparing your car for winter. And though Spring is almost here, you still need to keep your car running smoothly for the remaining days of winter. Follow these winter car maintenance tips and save money on service and repairs for your vehicle, and get a head start on being ready for the spring and summer driving seasons.


Get an Inspection:
When the temperature drops, drop by RWB Imports for a complete vehicle inspection. We’ll check your car and make sure that it’s ready to handle these final days of winter. Get a head start on spring maintenance, too.

Get Your Battery Replaced:
If you haven’t replaced your car’s battery in the past three years, it’s time to think about getting a new one. Bring your vehicle to RWB Imports to get the appropriate type for your Import’s make and model.

Get Your AC Checked & Serviced:
You may think that you only use the air conditioning during the summer, but you actually need your heating and cooling system to be working properly throughout the winter to defrost your windows. Plus you’ll be ready for the summer.

Check Your Brakes:
Last but not least, be sure to check your brakes to ensure that they’re properly working. Stay safe on the roads, which even in Snellville can become snowy or icy (think Snowpocalypse 2014 Atlanta) with an arctic winter blast.



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