Know when to replace shocks and struts.You may be asking, “What is the purpose of struts and shocks anyway”?

Struts are an important part of a vehicle’s suspension system, actually bearing the weight of the car. The front shocks and struts have a greater load bearing capacity in order to carry the weight of the engine.

Shocks absorb the bumps in the road, and they help the car find its balance quickly after you hit a bump. This eliminates “bouncing” and “nose diving”.

We want our customers to be aware that shocks and struts don’t just go “bad” one day but, in fact they lose their efficiency and function over time and with the accumulation of miles. They will also wear down more rapidly depending on where you drive (especially if frequent rough terrain or bumpy roads).

Rough Ride?

Is your car feeling a bit rough? Here are some things to watch for so you know when to replace shocks and struts:

  • “Clunking” noise when driving over bumps or making turns. This generally happens when the shocks/struts are failing or have broken.
  • When you apply your brakes, the front end seems to “nose dive” and drop into the stop.
  • Bumps and potholes feel more “sharp” (ex. your drink spills when you hit bumps)
  • Your vehicle sways on corners, as body control decreases. If you need to swerve quickly to miss another vehicle or obstacle, your vehicle will hesitate, lean, and not follow the turn.


Keep Your Ride Smooth

Shocks and struts are designed primarily to give your car a much smoother ride by absorbing and damping feedback from the road. They can make a “bumpy road” feel smooth. But as your car accumulates miles, and shocks and struts will eventually need replacement. Manufacturers generally recommend replacement at around 50,000 miles.

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