Don’t Suffer from a Car Freon Leak


Beat the heat with RWB.Well, it’s summer in Georgia and the temperature is 98 degrees outside. You get in your car to go home after a long day. You start the car, turn on the AC, and nothing but hot air blows out. That’s just about the worst scenario imaginable for anyone familiar with the Georgia heat.

At RWB Imports, car air conditioning repairs are very common this time of year. Most of the time we find that low Freon level is the primary reason. A car Freon leak can be hard to detect because it’s a gas and not a liquid. We recommend evacuating and measuring the remaining Freon to determine how much has leaked out.  Then we put a vacuum on the system and do a vacuum leak test.  If that passes ok, we then add leak detection dye to the system and recharge with the proper amount of Freon.  Finally, we run a performance test to verify that the high and low side pressures are normal, and that the ac vent temperature is in the expected range.


Freon Leaks are Difficult to Detect

Freon leaks can be slow to appear.  That’s where the dye comes into play.  Freon, being a gas, most often doesn’t leave a trace. At best it will leave some oily residue.  Leak detection dye will leave an ink trace that is detectable by UV lamp.  This is by far the best most accurate way to find a slow leak.

Recharging your Freon levels is relatively inexpensive compared to other air conditioning issues such as a damaged relay or an electrical issue. Luckily a Freon leak is usually the culprit. Either way, we want to make sure that you and your family and pets are not only comfortable but safe in the Georgia heat this year.


Keep Your Cool with RWB

For car ac service work, call RWB to investigate a car freon leak.
If you are having AC troubles or haven’t had your Freon levels checked in a while, give us a call. RWB Import Service Center has been the premier import car repair shop in Snellville, GA for over 30 years. Whether you have a Jag, BMW, or Mercedes Benz, We’ll make sure your car stays cool this summer.


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