If you drive an Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes, or any other import convertible, there is nothing better than knowing that spring is in the air. Time to drop the top and feel the breeze and sunshine as you drive. Nothing beats it!

But, let’s face it; while convertibles are fun, they do come with some maintenance considerations. The later models may look better and operate smoother, but they still require extra attention compared to hardtop vehicles. Don’t risk convertible car top repair problems.

Tips to Keep Your Convertible Top Looking Good

  • Don’t take your convertible through a car wash. Just don’t do it! Hand washing is a must to keep it looking great and to prevent damage. For the canvas top, use a cleaner and protectant, and simply follow the directions.
  • Look for noticeable frays or loose threads and always monitor the top for wear. There are a few good quality upholstery shops that specialize in repairing the canvas convertible tops, if necessary. Plastic rear windows that have cracked and turned brown from the sun, can be replaced, too. Depending on the year and model, those can even be replaced with specialized glass units.
  • Keep the back window clean – on the canvas top this is a must. Take a few moments to lightly dust off any debris before you open the top into the folded position. Don’t risk a scratched back window and unsightly marks on that beautiful canvas top.
  • Don’t force the top. If the motor quits working, just stop and get professional help. Don’t risk damaging the motor or cause other damage by forcing the top into a position.



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